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Broker Opportunity

Due to the increased banking regulation the private lending market has become flooded with commercial loan applications from borrowers who cannot meet the banks strict guidelines. Because of this many investors are overwhelmed and will not look at incomplete applications and executive Summaries. Others are asking for upfront,"Due Diligence Fees" upwards of $50,000 before they even review a project.

APP Commercial Lending is your friendly direct Commercial Lending Source. Real-estate agents and loan officers are our referral source therefore you will always be protected. Once you are registered with us, you and your client's information will remain secure and your clients will always be referred back to you if they return direct to us. Our application streamlines the commercial lending process and our site is easily accessible to participating brokers, Realtors and borrowers. Our loan application platform, document storage, processing system gives you 24/7 direct access to your projects and sends email alerts/updates to all parties involved in the transaction. Our technology reduces unnecessary calls, voicemails and emails which increases production and profitability. Streamlining the commercial mortgage lending process ultimately reduces cost to the borrower, as we have reduced the amount of man hours needed to fund a project.

Starting the Process

Once your loan package is complete it will be submitted to our capital resources then all parties will be asked to sign an Engagement Letter that contains non-disclosure and non-circumvent. This protects everyone in the transaction and clearly states what fees are being collected and paid to whom.

Are You Ready to Start Closing Commercial Loans?

Our loan advisory, packaging and processing services helps secure faster fundings and avoid the daisy chain of brokers and due diligence fees. Even the most seasoned loan officers and Realtors have lost months and years trying to secure funding, sometimes paying $15,000 due diligence fees for LOI (letter of interest) and then a declined loan letter months to years later. In many cases the fee is demanded before looking at the project. Dont get caught in that storm alone. We are here to help!

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